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KS5 Course Intro:

Media Studies is the study of the way the mass media affects our lives. The Media can be anything from Film, Television and Radio to the Internet, Newspapers and Magazines. Through discussion and individual research students examine the way media ‘texts’ are constructed. Through this textual ‘deconstruction’, students will learn the skills required to create their own media products. If you have a lively, enquiring mind, then Media Studies is for you!examinat


AS Media Studies - Units 1 and 2

Unit 1 and Unit 2 provide an integrated and complementary introduction to the study of the media and the contemporary media landscape. The content of both units is underpinned by a set of key media concepts and media platforms eg:

Media Concepts

• Media Forms

• Media Representations

• Media Institutions

• Media Audiences

Media Platforms

• Broadcasting

• Digital/web-based media (e-media)

• Print


Unit 1 – Investigating Media

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

2 hour written examination

Unit 2 –Creating Media

50% of AS, 25% of A Level

Practical unit internally assessed and externally moderated.

Two linked production plus 1500 word evaluation.


A2 Media Studies

At A2 candidates will build on their AS work to look more fully at the contexts of media production and consumption – why as well as how texts are created as they are. As well as building on the concepts studied at AS, candidates will look at some or all of the following debates and theories as appropriate:

Media Debates

• Representation

• Media effects

• Reality TV

• News Values

• Moral panics

• Post 9/11 and the media

• Ownership and control

• Regulation and censorship

• Media technology and the digital revolution

– changing technologies in the 21st century

Media Theories

Media analysis eg:

• Semiotics

• Structuralism and post-structuralism

• Postmodernism and its critiques

Politics and the Media eg:

• Gender and Ethnicity

• Marxism and Hegemony

• Liberal Pluralism

• Colonialism and Post-colonialism

Consumption and Production eg:

• Audience and Genre theories

Unit 3 – Media: Critical Perspectives

25% of A Level

2 hour written examination

Unit 4 - Media: Research and Production

25% of A Level

Practical unit, internally assessed and externally moderated

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