KS4 Curriculum Intro:

During this two year course students will either follow the, BTEC first in Sport (equivalent to 2 GCSE’s) or the GCSE PE full course. Both qualifications are from EDEXCEL awarding body.

The GCSE PE full course is Edexcel Physical Education – 1827

Pupils are required to offer four practical performances in the role of player, official or leader. Two of these performances must as a player and from the four performances two must be from different areas of study.

These areas of study are: Games Activities, Gymnastic Activities, Dance Activities, Athletic Activities, Adventurous Activities, Swimming Activities and Exercise Activities.

The practical assessment accounts for 60% of their overall mark. The practical activities offered will be from the following list. The final range of activities will be dependent on the strengths and abilities of the group: Football, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Rounders, Trampolining, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, Swimming.

Within each of the activities pupils will be taught the basic skills as well as the appropriate rules and tactics.

The theoretical strand to the course counts for 40% of the final marks. The programme of study will involve two sections which are as follows:

Your healthy, Active body:

The skeletal system – Bone composition, growth & development, ossification, functions of the skeleton, types of bones, vertebral column.

Joints – types of joints, cartilage, ligaments, synovial joints, movement, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, circumduction.

Muscles – types of muscles, voluntary, involuntary, cardiac, slow & fast twitch fibres, posture, muscle tone, tendons & ligaments.

The circulatory system – arteries, capillaries, veins, the heart, blood, effects of exercise on the heart.

The respiratory system – lungs, the path of oxygen & carbon dioxide around the body, oxygen debt, vital capacity, tidal volume, aerobic & anaerobic respiration, lactic acid.

Healthy, Active Lifestyles:

How sport can benefit your health and lifestyle, Influences on your participation in sport, How Physical activity can affect your health and designing a Personal exercise program.

BTEC First in Sport – Edexcel

This course is equivalent to 2 GCSE’s.

The students will be required to complete 4 projects. Practical Sport, Planning and leading sports activity, Fitness Testing and Training and Anatomy and Physiology.

On completion of Practical Sport students should be able to demonstrate a range of skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports. Know the rules , regulations and scoring systems of the selected sports. Understand the roles and responsibilities of officials in selected sports and be able to analyse the sports performance of an individual or team.

On completion of Planning and Leading sports activities students should Understand skills, qualities and responsibilities associated with successful sports leadership. Be able to plan and lead activity sessions. Be able to review their planning and leadership of sport activities. Be able to assist in the planning and leading of a sports event and be able to review their planning and leadership of sports events.

On completion of Anatomy and Physiology students should understand the skeleton and how it is affected by exercise. Understand the muscular system and how it is affected by exercise. Understand the cardiovascular system and how it is affected by exercise. Understand the respiratory system and how it is effected by exercise and know the fundamentals if the energy systems.

On completion of Fitness Testing and Training students should know the fitness and training requirements necessary to achieve excellence in a selected sport, Know the lifestyle factors that affect sports training and performance, Be able to assess their own level of fitness, Know the effects of psychological factors on sports training and performance.

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