Science KS4 Curriculum

KS4 Curriculum Intro:

Students are offered a variety of courses at KS4 to suit their learning requirements that are reviewed each year to meet the needs of our students.

Courses offered in 2012 - 13

GCSE Core science Assessed by terminal exam

GCSE Additional Science Assessed by terminal exam

GCSE Applied science Assessed by terminal exam and coursework

OCR National Assessed by coursework


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term









Unit 1 How scientists work

Coursework unit covering the using of basic scientific skills in a vocational context e.g. using a microscope, identifying the elements present in an unknown compound.

Unit 2 Material science

Coursework covering elements mixtures and compounds, the production and testing of 2 items from materials that have been extracted,

Unit 11 Science of the universe and humanity

Coursework covering Space and space travel, inheritance and natural selection, evolution, conservation.

Unit 4 – Food science

Coursework unit covering food, diets , digestion. Students learn about the needs of different demographic groups of people and the effects of a poor diet including deficiency diseases

Unit 8 – Sports science

Coursework unit covering the different requirements for different sports, what makes a good sports person and the testing of a piece of sports equipment for suitability for purpose

Unit 3 – Forensic science

Coursework unit in which students learn about forensic techniques their strengths and weaknesses, and then use techniques in a forensic investigation

Core Science

Biology B1

Students learn about

Classification, and how organisms are names, followed by adaptations of organisms to their environment.

Chemistry C1

Students learn about the early atmosphere and how the atmosphere has evolved to today’s atmosphere.

Acids and alkalis, neutralisation and the process of electrolysis.

Physics P1

Students learn about light, reflection, refraction, lenses and telescopes.

The solar system the planets and our place within the universe

Biology B1

Students learn about how organism respond to their changing environment.

Chemistry C1

Students learn about acids and their reactions. How metals are extracted from the earth

Physics P1

Students learn about the electro-magnetic spectrum, the properties and uses of the different waves

Biology B1

Students learn about what the problems are of the changing environment and how we are trying to conserve our environments

Chemistry C1

Students learn about How metals are used, Fuels their reactions and uses

Physics P1

Students learn about the generation and transmission of electricity.

Additional science

Biology B2

The building blocks of cells

The structure and organisation of cells including protein synthesis, mitosis and meiosis.

Chemistry C2

Atomic structure and the periodic table

Ionic compounds and analysis

Covalent compounds and separation techniques

Physics P2

Static electricity and the dangers. Current electricity an the relationship between current voltage and resistance

Controlling and using electric current

Biology B2

Organisms and energy

The processes of photosynthesis digestion and nutrition, and respiration.

Chemistry C2

Groups in the periodic table

Chemical reactions endothermic and exothermic reactions and enthalpy changes

Physics P2

Motion and forces the relationship between velocity speed distance and acceleration, Newton’s laws.

The law of conservation of momentum, energy, work and power

Biology B2

Common systems

The circulatory system, The breathing system the digestive system .

Fossils and evolution

Chemistry C2

Quantitative chemistry – the calculation of the empirical formulae

Physics P2

Nuclear science, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

Advantages and disadvantages of using radioactive materials.


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