Careers Education

The Careers department provides information, advice and guidance to students across all year groups. We provide targeted support to students in Year 9 with choosing their Options, and to students in Year 11 with Post-16 pathways.

As well as offering one to one careers interviews to students, we also have an extensive careers library stocked with a range of resources providing a wealth of careers information.  

Throughout the academic year, we organise and coordinate a number of educational visits, talks and activities.

The Careers and Work Related Learning lead is John Naismith (

We aim to:

  • expand students’ knowledge of jobs, careers and pathways available

  • raise the aspirations of our students

  • empower students to make informed choices about their future

  • challenge any stereotypes related to specific jobs or career paths

  • provide opportunities that students may not otherwise experience or have

Year 7 Provision

  • Form time careers videos and activities

  • PSHCE lessons covering a wide range of career related topics

  • Careers Assemblies throughout the year

  • Career-related trips and visits

  • Careers and Employability Day

Year 8 Provision

  • Form time careers videos and activities

  • PSHCE lessons covering a range of career related topics

  • Careers assemblies covering fields of work and aimed at raising aspirations

  • Career-related trips and events

  • Careers and Employability Day

Year 9 Provision

  • Focused on careers and planning GCSE Pathways through:

  • Careers and Employability Day

  • Parent options evening and meetings

  • Trip to the local university

  • Employability and Enterprise activities

  • Career-focused assemblies

  • PSHCE lessons covering aspects of careers

Year 10 Provision

  • Careers and Employability Day

  • 1:1 Careers advice and guidance interviews

  • Visit to and from employers and HE establishments

  • Career-focused assemblies

  • Career-focused form times

  • Careers events and lessons in the summer term

Year 11 Provision

  • Sixth form, college and apprenticeship providers lead assemblies

  • Careers and Employability Day

  • 1:1 careers advice and guidance interviews upon request

  • CV and application form writing support

  • Sixth form and college shadowing days

  • Careers education covered in form time and linked into lesson

  • National Citizen Service summer programme


If you would like to find out more information, please read our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance policy.


t: 020 8445 9205

a: The Totteridge Academy, Barnet Lane, London, N20 8AZ

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