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Exam Results

We are immensely proud that our 2023 GCSE Progress 8 score of +0.9, putting us in the top 3% in the country for Progress, with our Pupil Premium students achieving a progress score of +0.68. This summer, students achieved a phenomenal +1:01 progress in English, and +1:29 progress in Maths. 80% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in English and Maths and 72% achieved a grade 5 or above in both subjects.


Under new leadership in the summer of 2017, the students celebrated a huge jump, achieving 67% Grades 9-4/A*-C in English and Maths compared to 40% the year before, which has then been further improved and is now 74%. 


We also celebrated our second Year 13 cohort, who graduated with an excellent set of A Level results and university offers: 18% of students achieved A* or A grades, 51% of entries received A*-B grades and 76% of entries received A*-C grades.

These results allowed Sixth Formers to secure their places at some of the UK’s top Russell Group institutions to study a range of competitive courses, including Engineering, Law and Forensic Science. Many of the academy’s Year 11 students are continuing their studies in our school’s Sixth Form. 

Click here to see our press releases and more photos of the students on results day. Use the drop-down menu on the graph below to see key GCSE results data:

At TTA, we pride ourselves on finding the balance of being an academically rigorous school in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We base a lot of our philosophy on the book ‘Drive’, by Daniel Pink in our aim to equip students and staff with the tools for internal motivation. We want to foster students’ love of learning and doing the right thing - not for external reward, but because it is the right thing to do. Students walk into their GCSEs and A-levels smiling, having just completed our famous ‘TTA Chant’ and excited to show off their knowledge and skills. In any classroom, the teacher can say “Mistakes” and the students will chant back: “Learn from them.” Students are reminded that we all make mistakes and the important thing is what we learn from these. We have an incredible balance of engrossed classrooms, outstanding results, and a kind, inclusive environment in which students feel supported in all that they do.


Department for Education


Our 2022 GCSE results marked another significant step forward in the achievement of our students. Our Progress 8 scores of +1.03 in 2022 means we are now in the top 1.2% of schools nationally and builds on our journey of improvement with +0.60 in 2019, +0.41 in 2018 and +0.34 in 2017 (jumping from -0.45 in 2016).  We are particularly pleased that this transformation was based on strong performance in the core subjects, such as English and Maths.  We are determined to continue this positive trajectory in the years ahead.


For The Department for Education school performance data, please click on the link below:



We are delighted to share the Ofsted report from our inspection in March 2019. We have been graded:

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management - OUTSTANDING

    • "The school is led by an inspirational principal supported by a strong and effective leadership team"

  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - GOOD

    • "Teachers use strong subject knowledge and precise understanding of what pupils are capable of to ensure that they are challenged appropriately"

  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare - OUTSTANDING

    • "A harmonious and peaceful learning environment"​

    • "There is a rich programme in place to support pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development"

  • Outcomes for pupils - GOOD

    • "The most able pupils in Year 11 ​made stronger progress than their peers nationally"

  • Overall effectiveness - GOOD

    • "Pupils conduct themselves exceptionally well around the school and in lessons. They treat each other with respect and enjoy positive and healthy relationships."​

Our report can be found at The Totteridge Academy page on the Ofsted website, link below:

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