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Staff Testimonials

"I wouldn’t work in any school but TTA. Our school leaders’ decisions and priorities make sense so everything we do genuinely furthers students' learning and welfare. Nothing feels like a waste of time. School leaders make an effort to protect staff wellbeing, often taking the hardest jobs and putting the biggest burdens upon themselves to protect the rest of us. The team spirit among our staff is second to none, non-teaching and teaching staff here have the most generous hearts and good humour that make your hard days easier and your good days even better.

"The CPD at TTA is the best I have seen, with a focus on truly high leverage areas broken down to specific actions you can practise in your classroom and get feedback on from expert colleagues. I’ve rarely worked with such a skilled community of teaching practitioners before. Our student community is diverse in every way possible and it is a joy to see our kids practising inclusivity and open mindedness the way they do.  I love working in a school that teaches students about the outdoors through GROW and with a pastoral team that cares so much about students’ individual needs."

Ban Kubba, Co-Head of Maths

"As one who has worked as a LSA for a number of years here I can truly say that everyone pulls together and works as a team. Colleagues are always on hand if you have any problems. Not only do I work alongside terrific staff but have made many friends, especially in the SEND department where I work. We are all supportive of each and have the students' best interests at heart"

Debbie Wheeler, LSA

"It is difficult describing the extent to which I have improved as a teacher since I joined TTA. Colleagues challenge you to be better every day, and even now - three years on - I feel I am still learning and improving every day. What is best for the students lies at the heart of all decision-making, so staff are only asked to do things with a worthwhile purpose. The school is only going to get better, and I am delighted that I chose to come and work here; it was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Sammy Kempner, Co-Head of Maths

"From being at TTA since 2008, I have seen radical changes in so many areas of life here. The work ethic of everyone who is fortunate enough to work with the SLT, is second to none. Students, who in previous years would have had to be ‘bribed’ with extrinsic motivation, now see the reward in the learning itself and the success that brings, in glowing self-esteem, confidence and positive exam results and simply, the love of learning. With structures in place that form a secure behaviour policy, learning thrives at TTA.

Results have improved year on year, and the students see how much their hard work is the result of the encouragement, care and support they receive from every single member of staff. If I were to begin my teaching career again, this would be the school I would want to start my journey at. The strong foundations of teaching and learning structures are so deeply embedded so much so - that you are ahead of the game on your first day. Children love being shown ‘how’ and this is the school where every subject is respected for the opportunities it offers our children. The children at TTA succeed because of the adults who genuinely care for them, not as a statistic, but as an opportunity to reach any potential possible for that individual child. This is a great school, with great teachers, great children and a great SLT…so come here and become ‘great’ at what you do…teach!"

Sue Palmer, Head of Art

"Feedback is a gift. That is the phrase that stuck with me when I started here and one which we stand by at TTA. The culture of supportive feedback has made me be more reflective on my teaching and learning than ever before and I know that my practice is always moving forward."

Tom Knott, Vice Principal

"This is the first school I’ve worked in, so whilst I don’t have a like for like comparison available for another school, I’ve been blown away by the passion, energy and the ‘can do’ attitude of the staff I interact with. There is an infectious and positive work ethic, top down from great management, with a real focus on our students’ wellbeing and a disciplined focus on their education. Staff, including in the canteen, develop meaningful relationships with students. We aim to get to know the individuals, their names, their eating habits, and we can often be the first to notice a sign of something wrong with a student.

We are ‘in-house’ school kitchen, with a clear focus on high quality, healthy and exciting food, always cooked from scratch. All the kitchen staff are employed directly by the academy and as a result, we feel very much part of the school community. I believe that all support staff here at TTA are respected and treated in the same way as any teaching staff, which is really important."

James Fox, Head Chef

"I joined TTA as an already experienced teacher and middle leader. I expected to be pushed and to develop, but I did not expect to rapidly improve at every single aspect of my job within the first few weeks. The rate of improvement was completely different to any I had previously experienced, and I have tremendous gratitude to colleagues across the school for all the unending support and feedback. The culture at TTA is hard to capture in a sentence; it is one that springs from a staff body all fully committed to their students and their community in a way that is rarely seen elsewhere. I absolutely love this school and couldn’t recommend it highly enough to others."

Adam Boxer, Lead Practitioner, Science

"TTA is a truly wonderful place. When you walk through the corridors you cannot help but feel inspired. There is such a strong sense of community and shared purpose that carries everyone, from students to staff, through even the most challenging of times. ALL the staff go above and beyond to set examples of excellence and to support and encourage their students to be the best they can be. GROW is very lucky to be a part of such an open, passionate, and forward-thinking school - we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!"

Lucy Hollis, Managing Director, GROW

"I have been so lucky to be training at TTA. There is such a widespread culture of love and kindness shared by every single member of staff and spread towards the students, which creates a tangible feeling of everyone wanting the best for everyone else. Every colleague is so happy to support me if I ever need, whether in helping with a class or sharing nuggets of wisdom. The culture of kaizen underpins humility and openness throughout the staff that makes me feel valued as an individual teacher. Feedback is always specific, helpful and comes from a genuine place of wanting to help others grow and succeed. Everyone works hard but works towards the same goals and shares the joy in seeing the students progress and flourish. Even the hardest day I start and end with a smile. I could not recommend TTA more."

Joseph Moss, History Teacher

"Joining a new school is always a nerve-wracking experience and is not made easier when starting during a global pandemic with year group bubbles and new processes. That said, TTA is a wonderful place to work. The staff body is extremely welcoming, and the school is well run. The push for continuous improvement (Kaizen) means I have seen my teaching and learning significantly improve this year (not least during the lockdowns through the online provision). I feel consistently supported by both middle and senior leaders and have been helped so that I am able to complete my Masters of Education and Leadership. You will not regret the decision to make the move to TTA!"

Josh Lewis, Head of Geography

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