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Situated in the heart of Barnet, TTA has an array of facilities, many of which are available for hire by individuals or organisations, particularly during the school holidays, evenings and weekends. All requirements are attended to on an individual basis, and we tailor our offering to meet your needs. Standard charges are normally on an hourly basis and rates are revised each year. 

We can provide cost effective room and facilities for every occasion including: Conferences | Sports Events | Corporative Events | Seminars | Meetings | ICT Training  | Dance & Gymnastics.

TTA is a secure site with a gated entrance and exit gates. We have parking available for 100 cars and 15 bicycle stands. The facilities are ideal for learning, leisure, sports, social and professional uses and we offer very competitive rates with a discount for local community groups. 

Our facilities:


- Astroturf

- Gymnasium

- Sports Hall

- Drama Studios 

- Kitchen and Refectory

- Assembly Hall 

- Computer Rooms 

- Classrooms 

All our facilities can now be book online via School Hire. Should you wish to clarify anything, please use the messaging feature available on the School Hire website. 

If you would like to book a Party / Large Scale Event  / Other Business Related Event e.g. filming please complete this FORM.

Lettings Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.

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