Place2Be is the leading national children’s mental health charity that provides professional counselling for young people in schools. We are thrilled to have Place2Be at TTA to ensure that students are getting the all-round support that they need. Place2Be offers the following:

  • 1:1 counselling for students.

  • Self-referral drop in sessions for students at break and lunch time.

  • 1:1 counselling and support services for parents and carers focusing on parenting, self-confidence, and relationships with children.

  • 5 partnership sessions for parents and carers of young people receiving 1:1 counselling.

  • Partnership work with CAMHS, community groups, and voluntary sector partners.


For more information and to discuss further, please contact



We are thrilled to be opening the TTA Farm. Our students love the outdoors, working with animals, and exploring healthy living; we thought: why not bring this to daily life at TTA?


We are converting the field behind the school into TTA’s very own Farm. Set up by George Lamb, and with support from GrowLondon, we are working with students to create and build this unique venture. We are going to grow our own vegetable crops and eat them in the canteen; look after a range of animals including chickens, sheep, and horses; and develop understanding of the environment and the land around us.


This outdoor learning experience will be linked to the curriculum to enable students to build a range of skills, including teamwork, resilience, and empathy, as well as their curriculum knowledge.


We have strong links with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club who are working with our girls’ teams this year. Football players and coaches from Tottenham Hotspur FC come to TTA for weekly training sessions. The teams then play representing Tottenham girls at White Hart Lane. It has been fantastic for our footballers trained by the best and inspired by their experiences. We are proud of their teamwork and successes at the Tottenham ground and look forward to seeing more aspiring footballers take part in the training programme.

Tottenham Hotspur FC.jpg


This year we are taking part in the Brilliant Club Scholars’ Programme which enables our top Year 10 students to work with a PhD academic on a topic and area of interest to them. This is a unique and valuable experience, stretching our students to develop their academic knowledge further than the curriculum and building confidence in their own skills and abilities.


This course increases access to highly selective universities through university-style tutorials, projects and presentations, as well as enabling our students to visit some of the UK’s top universities. The programme finishes with an extended assignment, supported by the PhD tutor through 1:1 tutorials and guidance. Tackling these longer pieces of work stretches students to produce university-style written work and nurtures their higher-level independent study skills. 


Our Year 8 students have taken part in a project with Football Beyond Borders this year, combining sport with literacy-themed exercises to support access to the curriculum. As well as promoting enjoyment and teamwork, the scheme uses football as an educational tool to inspire students to be their best, both on and off the pitch, in order to achieve their goals.


FBB has been a resounding success and we will be continuing the programme at TTA. Students have developed resilience, social skills and academic focus through the scheme. We have seen a clear impact on school engagement and academic performance with very positive feedback from students and parents too.  



We run a termly twelve week ‘Learning Through Horses’ course at the Strength in Horses Centre in Edgware. This has been a phenomenal experience for our pioneering students who took part in the course last term. Over the twelve weeks, their confidence grew significantly and they learnt social, organisation, leadership and presentation skills. They were all proud to receive their certificates and awards at the end of the course.


Learning through Horses offers skills and employability training utilising horses to engage young people in learning. As it has been such a success, we are taking part in the course again. More information on the scheme can be found here: