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At The Totteridge Academy, we provide a high quality education in a safe, caring, and focused environment. We teach skills and knowledge, enabling our students to become responsible, well-rounded citizens, equipped with the tools to make effective choices for their futures.

The rich educational experience at The Totteridge Academy develops students’ passion for learning and belief in their own ability, both within the classroom and beyond. We teach our students to appreciate the beauty of maths, the wonder of science, and the power of the written word. We gradually expose pupils to the best that’s been thought and said in each area of the curriculum – every lesson, every day.

Beyond the classroom, we provide a rich and nurturing culture.  We greet each other in the corridor and hold the door open for the person behind us. We celebrate our differences whilst standing together as a united learning community.  We provide a wide range of after-school clubs and invite inspiring speakers and organisations to join us for assemblies and special events.   

If you would like to know more, do come and see us for yourself.  Get in touch here and organise a tour.


After a significant jump in GCSE results over the past six years, we are looking to continue this upward trend. Our school philosophy of kaizen (continuous improvement) enables our students and staff to aim high at all times so that every individual can attain his or her best. We celebrate and are proud of the achievements of all of our students, valuing individuality and nurturing happy, confident, and hard-working young people.

We have high expectations at The Totteridge Academy and reject the view that success in life is pre-determined or that our talents are fixed. We improve through practice; calm, focused classrooms led by knowledgeable, passionate teachers provide our students with the ideal environment for this practice to take place.  Our students work hard, aim high, and take pride in their learning.

Every child deserves an excellent education. We deliver this at The Totteridge Academy through a rigorous and challenging curriculum that enables students to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Please click here to read more about TTA and United Learning's ethos and values.



We seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out the best in everyone – students, staff, parents and the wider community.


We are a group of schools uniquely united across both the state and the independent sectors; we make learning and improvement our focus. Together, we are one of the country’s leading education providers, currently educating over 40,000 students and employing over 7000 members of staff including over 3000 teachers.


We provide a broad education, which enables young people to learn a wide range of topics and skills, preparing them for the future. We focus sharply on the evidence of what makes it more likely that young people will progress, apply that to our practice and continue to learn, and develop our schools. We make it a priority to provide teachers with excellent professional support and development, so that every child receives an excellent experience.

Through being a group, we can offer more to both staff and young people than any single school could offer alone. The growing range of outstanding group-wide activities that we can provide will mean that more young people will have truly exceptional and inspiring experiences. Read more here.

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