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Place2Be is the leading national children’s mental health charity that provides professional counselling for young people in schools. We are thrilled to have Place2Be at TTA to ensure that students are getting the all-round support that they need. Place2Be offers the following:

  • 1:1 counselling for students.

  • Self-referral drop in sessions for students at break and lunch time.

  • 1:1 counselling and support services for parents and carers focusing on parenting, self-confidence, and relationships with children.

  • 5 partnership sessions for parents and carers of young people receiving 1:1 counselling.

  • Partnership work with CAMHS, community groups, and voluntary sector partners.


For more information and to discuss further, please contact



We are thrilled to be partnering with the charity, GROW, who run our on-site, agroecological Farm and outdoor learning site.

GROW provides early support programmes, after school and holiday clubs, and outreach and curriculum opportunities for TTA students, and local primary schools and youth services. Their sustainable food growing and outdoor learning programmes aim to support well-being and the development of healthy life-skills, and provide enriching and unique learning opportunities. The GROW Farm grows vegetables, fruit, and flowers that are sold to the local community and to our school canteen, helping to provide fresh and nutritious lunches for our students. The GROW Farm also hosts weekly adult volunteering and runs a veg box scheme from June - November.


For more information get in touch with or visit the GROW website



Ms Takopoulou, who joined the team in September as Catch-Up and Wellbeing Lead, is a qualified Educational Psychologist and Therapist. 

Ms Takopoulou will be supporting students with any social, emotional, and mental health needs by offering 1:1 support, group sessions, support plans, and signposting according to individuals' needs. She will be working closely with key stakeholders for the students.


Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss further by emailing 

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This year we are re-launching the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme at TTA. This is a unique and valuable experience, enabling students to take part in a range of opportunities and volunteer in order to achieve their awards. 


This scheme encourages students to explore who they are, grow in confidence, and develop the skills they need to navigate life successfully. It provides fantastic opportunities to take an active part in helping others, address issues within the local community, and be more active in day to day life with hobbies and sports.



We run a termly twelve week ‘Learning Through Horses’ course at the Strength in Horses Centre in Edgware. This has been a phenomenal experience for our pioneering students who took part in the course last term. Over the twelve weeks, their confidence grew significantly and they learnt social, organisation, leadership and presentation skills. They were all proud to receive their certificates and awards at the end of the course.


Learning through Horses offers skills and employability training utilising horses to engage young people in learning. As it has been such a success, we are taking part in the course again. More information on the scheme can be found here:

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