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Year 10 students graduate with honours from The Brilliant Club programme

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

On Saturday 9th February, 5 year 10 pupils attended a graduation ceremony at King’s College London, following their participation in The Brilliant Club programme with the University of Oxford.

Seven pupils took part, with Grace Picton, Kamil Wac, Ellie Rowe, Sezer Kaygili, Semra Ramadani and Alexis Irina achieving 2:1 passes.

Adam Sheptienko (pictured above with the Barnet Mayor) achieved first-class honours, which is an absolutely tremendous achievement!

Year 10 Director of Learning, Simon Blackburn, said:

"It is fantastic that these students have been recognised for their work on this programme. They have shown commitment and resilience and it has been an invaluable experience for them to work alongside one of the most prestigious universities in the world. We are very proud of all of Year 10 and their progress this year."


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