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Spelling Bee winners crowned at The Totteridge Academy

Isabella presented with Spelling Bee trophy

Year 7 students impressed staff and their peers at The Totteridge Academy’s third annual spelling bee final at the end of last month.

Winning finalists from the preliminary rounds of the competition took to the stage to demonstrate their spelling ability, with the academy’s Principal, Chris Fairbairn, playing host.

Each pupil was asked to stand and spell a variety of technological words that ranged from GCSE standard through to A-level – examples included 'polypropylene' and 'malleability'. If they spelt their word correctly, the student stayed for the next round, if spelt incorrectly they were eliminated.

After a very close and nerve racking competition the victorious students were Isabella and Arianne. Both winners received a winners’ medal and now have their names engraved on the Technology Spelling Bee Trophy on display in the academy foyer. The competition runners up were Beth Pearce and Dhillan Gajjar.

Chris Fairbairn, Principal at The Totteridge Academy, said:

“I was delighted to be able to play host to this year’s spelling bee final at Totteridge and was incredibly impressed with how well our Year 7 students coped with the challenge and pressure of being tested in front of an audience. At each stage of the competition the words have got more and more challenging so everyone, especially our winners Isabella and Arianne, should be very proud of themselves for what they achieved.”

Arianne, one of the winning students, said:

“I was absolutely amazed when I won. I never thought in a million years I would be announced the winner. When I was up on the stage I felt very nervous but enjoyed every second.”


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