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Quad Redevelopment Working Party

This year we decided to turn to the students as the key drivers of change for our school environment.

One area of the school has long been overlooked - neglected even - as a space that would be a wonderful leisure area for our students during their break times. Launching with some assemblies in January 2018, we asked our students to apply for a place on the 'Quad Redevelopment Working Party' - a committee of students dedicated to improving this area of the school.

We were overwhelmed with applicants but had to whittle them down to 4 per year group after a rigorous selection process. The final group has been astonishing: they have led meetings and tours of the school for a range of professionals and benefactors, from the Turner-prize-wining architects 'Assemble' to local celebrity George Lamb. Every time we meet we are amazed by their energy, insight and creative vision, and the architects in particular were sold on the project the minute we passed them over to the students!

Our Quad Working Party students have led assemblies, created and deployed surveys, conducted their own in-depth research, debated with architects and landscape gardeners and run a whole-school mural competition for some wall art has inspired the art we’ve had painted on a large brick wall. They are a vertical group of students, ranging from Y7 up to Y10, and their camaraderie, enthusiasm and the democratic vision that lies at the heart of all they do is beyond anything we've witnessed on a school committee until now. Seeing the students in action is utterly inspirational and I know that the legacy they leave for future TTA generations will be an extraordinary one.

We can’t wait for the official opening of the quad!


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